Wednesday, November 08, 2006

RAC everywhere - even in the middleware

In wikipedia, ESB’s last “salient” characteristic - "… comprised of selectively deployed application adapters in a (geographically) distributed environment". But in my mind this should be the first one or atleast one of the first three. Don't believe me, ask any integration architect.

Now with SOA, EDA product offerings at their exposure, enterprises are asking for reliability and scalability ["RAC”] in their middleware. What they did with backend database systems, now they want to replicate in the middleware – “Surge Protected” architecture.

Go through one of the middleware architecture series note :

Oracle ESB 10.1.3, provides this “RAC” functionality in middleware enterprise messaging backbone layer by allowing asymmetric, distributed service deployment topology.

Get more details about Oracle ESB 10.1.3 from here
Get more details about Oracle ESB Enterprise deployment from here. Please look into section 3 for ESB deployment details.


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